Enjoy the Interior of the FIAT 500L

If a distinctive personality and unique style are at the top of your car-ownership list, then you’ll want to drive the FIAT 500L. Its colorful exterior can show up to two tones with such exterior choices as Verde Bosco Perla (Forest Green) or Rosso (Red). Amp up the fun with the street style of the available 17-inch aluminum wheels.

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Enjoy Your Media in the FIAT 500

Enjoy your music collection, satellite radio, and podcasts on your next drive with the FIAT 500. It has an advanced entertainment system that provides you with versatility and easy control.

The FIAT utilizes a UConnect infotainment center. A 5-inch screen is built directly into the center dash. The screen has touch capabilities and uses high-resolution graphics for clarity. The system also has a number of built-in applications so that you can find something to enjoy on your drive. 

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Exterior Features of the Fiat 124 Spider Roadster

One of the most popular convertible sports cars on the road today, the Fiat 124 Spider Roadster combines classic Italian styling with customizable features for a ride that is truly personalized.

Pair gunmetal gray, silver alloy or silver aluminum wheels with your choice of eight different car colors. The roadster's soft top comes in a striking Bordeaux color and includes an innovative aluminum header design that offers both aerodynamic efficiency and sound dampening.

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Take a Glimpse at the 2018 Fiat 500X Features

Are you in search of a new subcompact SUV? If you are, we invite you to read about the 2018 Fiat 500X. The new subcompact SUV is a popular choice among consumers because it comes packed with a wide range of features. If you want to learn more about the interior features of the new Fiat 500X, please read further.

The Fiat 500X comes with a dual-pane power sunroof that features a sliding glass front panel and a fixed rear panel. 

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Apple CarPlay: Must-Have Feature for All Drivers

Apple CarPlay will revolutionize the way that you go about your commute or road trips. It is technology feature available in many newer model cars that allows you to sync up your car's dashboard with your iPhone. Once your phone is connected, your dashboard essentially becomes an enlarged iPhone screen so that you can quickly access all of your favorite apps.

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Learn How to Safely Tow a Load

There are times when you need to load up a trailer and get that from one location to another. Benson FIAT Studio wants you to be safe in those times. There are certain things that you should do to safely tow a load.

When you are getting a trailer ready to be towed and you are loading it with your possessions, make sure that you keep things as even as possible. 

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Signs that Your Car Tires Need to be Replaced

The correct tire pressure in your vehicle will help to improve handling on the road, preserve fuel economy, and reduce the likelihood of a tire blowout. Here are just a couple warning signs your car tires might need to be replaced in the near future.

  • When you are driving on tires that appear to be overinflated, it is harder to maintain control because most of the car is riding on the center of the tire. 
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Gasket Importance and Servicing 101

Vehicle gaskets perform many critical functions in the effective performance and safety of your car. A gasket is a mechanical seal that forms a bond between two or more surfaces in order to prevent leakage of gases and fluids.

A blown gasket can cause serious and costly damage to the engine and other imperative parts of the vehicle. 

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Motor Oil Myth: You Don't Need to Change the Oil Filter

Some automotive maintenance myths are enduring even when they can cause damage to your car over time. One of these myths is that you don't need to change your oil filter every time you change your car's motor oil.

The truth is that changing your oil filter is more important than changing the motor oil itself. 

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Be Aware of Timing Belt Issues

When you are driving down the highway, you don't want to have an issue with your timing belt. This belt is essential for your car's engine to work properly. It allows the crankshaft and the camshaft to work in synchrony. If a timing belt breaks, the engine will seize up.

Since a good timing belt is so important, you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. 

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