Sooner or later, almost every vehicle will sustain a chip or a dent that so noticeable that it needs to be touched up with paint. Choosing the correct color is important, so look for the vehicle's factory color code located near the VIN number on the firewall or on the radiator core support.

Once you have the proper color, you can cover up a light scratch. Deep scratches and dents are better left to professionals. Prepare the surface by using 220 grit or higher sandpaper. Clean the surface after sanding. Mix the paint, according to instructions and then apply it with a small paintbrush, a commercial applicator or a toothpick, depending on the scratch size. Give the paint a few days to cure and then wash and wax your vehicle.

Stop by Benson FIAT Studio in Greer, SC for advice on getting the correct color and proper application of paint.

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