Despite its compact build, the FIAT 500 is engineered to slice through wind resistance with ease. The popular subcompact car has many exterior design features that can help enhance your performance on the road.

On the rear of the car, you can get a spoiler. It's mounted on the liftgate and is carefully designed to improve aerodynamics. The addition of the spoiler also adds a sporty touch. You can also get a wind diffuser and splitter. These features are available on the Abarth builds. The diffuser helps to break up any upward air force that can cause handling issues. The splitter can create a downward force to keep your rear on the ground no matter where you go.

Take the FIAT 500 for a test drive to see how these exterior upgrades can change the way you drive. We invite you to stop by our showroom at Benson FIAT Studio in Greer, SC today.

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