Vehicle gaskets perform many critical functions in the effective performance and safety of your car. A gasket is a mechanical seal that forms a bond between two or more surfaces in order to prevent leakage of gases and fluids.

A blown gasket can cause serious and costly damage to the engine and other imperative parts of the vehicle. Signs of a failing gasket include smoke eminating from the tailpipe, foaming and gargling noises coming from the radiator, or low cylinder pressure. To prevent gasket failure, it is recommended to change the oil and coolant as recommended.

We welcome all of our valued customers to stop by our service center here at Benson FIAT Studio in Greer, SC to let our expertly trained technicians take a look under your hood and determine the best gasket servicing for your vehicle's specific needs. Feel confident in knowing that you are receiving the best service in the area when you visit Benson FIAT Studio.

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