True or False: The term horsepower was created after the invention of the car?

Do you know the answer? Well if you don't you're not alone, many Americans have no idea where the term horsepower came from! Fear not, at Benson FIAT in Greer, SC will make sure that you can answer this question if ever asked in the future.

The word horsepower started being used in the 1700s by James Watts, a steam engine designer. The story is that Watts needed a way to measure the power of his engine and explain it in a way that the everyday buyer could relate to, thus, horsepower.

History got us where we are, the history of the car you drive is as important as the car itself. Our ancestors were as important as us and were always fighting for our best interest, for us to be able to live the way we do. History is infinite to the finite.

If you would like to see our selection of vehicles, or learn more about horsepower, we invite you to visit us at Benson FIAT in Greer, SC.

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